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An Intuitive, Configurable Energy Dashboard – Empower Your Team!

Energy Dashboard

Unique Benefits.


Each user can create, view and modify their own dashboard “on-the-fly” in minutes, thus enabling them to focus on current or rapidly changing conditions for their area of responsibility.


Hosting your own dashboard on your server and network, behind your firewall. Say goodbye to ongoing hosting fees and concerns over data ownership.


Engage your constituents to actively participate in lowering their personal energy usage!


Rank and benchmark your buildings against one another using Energy Star scores and metrics. Save time by automatically uploading data to Portfolio Manager.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Wake County Public Schools has been using Periscope for about 9 months and since the first installation, we have seen numerous uses for Periscope here at the school system!

Ralph Everett, Systems Analyst

By using Periscope, we were able to identify and correct an issue forcing unnecessary equipment cycling. Periscope provided the Building Intelligence so that we could take action and correct the cycling during the warranty period.

Suzanne Walker, Energy Manager

Using the ranking viewlet in Periscope, we noticed that one elementary school's kW demand was much higher than its peer group. Periscope identified that the electric heat in this building was unable to quickly recover from night set back when we had an unusually cold day.

Mike Armour, Rock Hill School District, SC

Periscope was easy to deploy - we had a dashboard of various data up and running by day’s end.

James LaVallee, Control Technologies, VT

Recently we started to implement and use Periscope in building commissioning. We find it easy to set up, excellent on line documentation for users and an effective tool to present the operation of a sustainable building to different stakeholders.

John Penny, Viscon Systems

Powerful Features.

Viewlet Library

A growing library of charts and widgets empower users with intuitive visualization of live and historical data.

Data Normalization

Provides the ability to display data such as energy consumption normalized for square footage, weather or production units, etc.

Foster Awareness

Promote sustainability awareness campaigns and competitions with built-in kiosk function.

Flexible Data Connectivity

Communication drivers to efficiently map data from many sources, including meters, databases, or automation systems.


Export critical data trends into picture, .pdf, or .csv files.

Data Analysis Tools

Aggregate, correlate, transform or convert data units to find meaning.

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